What is it you need?

I have over four years of experience writing for a combination of online publications, overseas travel agencies and on my own personal platforms.

If you run either a travel, foodie, or lifestyle business and need an extra pair of hands then I’m your writer.

Writing is not only a job for me but a hobby that I pursue even when I’m not being paid. You can rest assured knowing I’ll curate your copy with both passion and a meticulous eye for detail.

You can take a look at my blog to get a taste for my writing niches, which are predominantly Travel, Food, Skincare, and health/well-being.

I have knowledge in SEO and can optimise your copy to get the results you want from search engine users.

I specialise in:

Copywriting – you have your web pages written out but they could be better. I can write engaging, dynamic copy for your website that resonates with your readers and converts.
Proofreading – are you a travel/tour agency whose first language isn’t English? I have a meticulous eye for detail and can correct all those errors in your copy’s grammar that will make the content flow and sing to your readers.
Blog posts – these are an excellent way to market your brand/ product. My style of blog writing is bouncy, captivating and most importantly easy on the eyes.
Ghostwriting – let me write in your brand’s voice when you’re too busy with other tasks. You take all the credit!
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